10 Bell's 10 Facts: Chris Kanyon

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1. Chris Kanyon trained most of the WCW celebrities in the mid to late 90's.

Unfortunately, Robocop was before his time. Kanyon's list included Dennis Rodman, David Arquette, Jay Leno, Steve McMichael, Kevin Greene, and Ernest Miller. Jay Leno and David Arquette took it very seriously, but Rodman treated the whole thing like a joke, reportedly coming to practice after weekend long benders and reeking of poop.

2. Chris Kanyon was a pro wrestling super fan. On top of buying all the wrestling mags, and practicing moves with his friends, Chris's list of attended live events is envy-inducing. He was there to see Hulk Hogan take the title from The Iron Sheik, Snuka jump off the cage onto Backlund, and he even got to see Flair wrestle Steamboat at a house show. Chris also went to multiple Wrestlemanias. At Wrestlemania Four, he snuck back into the arena in after everyone had left, and discovered the ring hadn't been taken down yet. He hit the ropes a few times, and even took a souvenir: the turnbuckle pad that Macho Man gave the elbow drop from. OHHHHHH YEEAAAGGHHHHH! 3. Chris Kanyon was gay. This was a hard fact for him to accept, but he finally did at the age of 36. One of the most notable moments of his career was when he came out out to a crowd March 5th, 2006. After his match against DDP, he dropped the news to the stunned crowd. At first the crowd thought it was a work, and even booed him. But with DDP there for support, the crowd slowly realized that Kanyon he was being genuine and they quickly changed their tune.

4. Mortis could have been much cooler. The Blood Runs Cold angle is notoriously remembered as a huge flop, but it wasn't from lack of trying. Mortis, Glacier, and Wrath were set to become the new hottest thing in wrestling, but unfortunately for them, WCW stumbled upon an even hotter new thing in wrestling: the NWO. This lead to two problems. Firstly, once NWO had formed, nothing in WCW mattered until they closed their doors in 2001. Secondly, NWO was ushering in a new era that blurred the lines between kayfabe and reality. Since a bunch of knock off video game characters weren't exactly "real", Chris and pals were in trouble. So blood runs cold had to get postponed. We all remember Glacier's first promo in April of '96, with his debut not coming for another FIVE MONTHS. Man number two, Mortis, wouldn't make his TV debut until MARCH 1997. Chris also had some epic ideas for the Mortis character, including a flaming skull mask, but by the time he'd get his number called, it was over.

5. Chris Kanyon worked on movies. Chris would head to Hollywood to consult on the TV Movie: 'The Jesse Ventura Story' and the pro-wrestling movie, Darren Aronofsky wish he had made: 'Ready To Rumble'.

6. Judy Bagwell on a pole match. Watch the Judy Bagwell on a pole match. Or don't. Probably don't.

7. Chris was a WWF double champion. On July 26, 2001, Booker T gave Chris the US title, which may not be the coolest way to win a belt, but Chris wasn't done winning titles. On the August 9, 2001 Smackdown, "The Invasion MVP" Chris Kanyon kicked off the show teaming up with DDP to beat the tag team champs, 'Acolytes Protection Agency' (Faarooq and Bradshaw). Even though it was a dirty win, Chris Kanyon picked up his second title, rocking 20lbs of gold.

8. WWE made Chris, a gay man, do a Boy George skit. Upon discovering that Chris was gay, WWE decided to poke fun at his expense. On the February 13, 2003 episode of SmackDown, they made Chris come out of a box, singing Culture Club's "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me", to provoke The Undertaker. WWE has since edited out the song and dubbed over an out of place "Who's Better Than Kanyon." What they didn't edit out was the brutal beatdown the Undertaker gave Kanyon, punctuated by one of the loudest, scariest chairshots you'll ever see. It's truly a low point in WWE...which is saying a lot.

9. Chris Kanyon once wrestled Joey Ryan for the PWG heavyweight title. The Innovator of Offense took on the King of Sleaze on December 16t, 2005 at PWG Astonishing X-Mas. This is the infancy of Joey Ryan, so no dick flips, but it is a fun match. We even get some interference from Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks doing his best Mortis cosplay. It's all a cool intersection of careers. 10. Chris' Positively Kanyon gimmick playfully parodied his good buddy, DDP.

During Kanyon's comedy segments, he would hit the Kanyon Cutter on totally unsuspecting victims including: refs, security guards, and even Mean Gene. This was a precursor to the RKO OUTTA NOWHERE gimmick that would garner Randy Orton major popularity and be memed into oblivion. But...Kanyon did it first.